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In 2020, three San Francisco Artists: Johnny Botts, Debra Reabock, and Denise Tarantino formed The Collab-Lab. We work collaboratively by combining each artists' style and interests to make one cohesive piece. Working together has brought us new skills and expanded our creative problem-solving abilities. We hope to inspire others to embrace the positive energy and creativity of collaborative approach as a means to bring people together in community.

How We Work Together.

“Ski Inn”  is an example of collaboration between artists Johnny Botts, Debra Reabock, and Denise Tarantino under the name Collab-Lab. We incorporate each of our styles to create new works that none of us could create on our own. In this piece, Johnny supplied rainbow colored flowers to set the stage. For several years, Johnny has been painting flowers with concentric circles in colors from LGBTQ+ flags. Debra photographed a glass building to capture a blue background. She loves the clean lines, patterns, and reflections of modern architecture. Denise added a flower-stickered van and motel signage to suggest a time and place. She often photographs “Americana” roadside attractions and vintage artifacts.

CollabLab_Ski Inn
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